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Know Process of Tridev SCREW CONVEYOR / FEEDER
Tridev screw conveyor is mechanical rigid spiral type. Mechanical screw conveyor is to convey solid material horizontal, vertical and incline axis in bulk from one place to other. Material is fed or received at one end (inlet) and positively conveyed toward other end (outlet).

Design construction of Tridev SCREW CONVEYOR
Screw outer shell is made from round solid Pipe OR U-trough. Inner Screw flights welded on heavy-duty pipe. Both end is connected to screw pipe, rotates on bearings fixed in bearing housing. Material leakage is prevented by stuffing box. Screw is rotated through suitable size gearbox, motor, coupling and sprockets. Hanger bearing is placed in between at adequate distance for smooth rotation of longer screw.

Tridev Screw conveyor is to save energy. It convey or feed various dry solid material, powder, small ice cube, seeds, minerals, sand, cement, ceramics, fertilizers, spices, plastic granules/powder etc.

Example of
SCREW utilization
Prime purpose of screw feeder is to maintain product condition, productivity, reduce time, maximum utilization of machine, minimize wastage and nullify dusting.
1. Screw is to lift or forward material into inlet of any machine working as batch type operation.
2. It is used to load or discharge bin/silo at horizontal or vertical axis.
3. Set below outlet of any machine to inlet of other machine for atomization purpose.

Example of SCREW feeder utilization
Prime purpose of screw feeder is to increase product quality, machine efficiency, productivity, reduce time, minimize wastage and nullify dusting.
1. Feeder is normally small sized.
2. It is used to feed material into inlet of any machine.
3. It is for uniformly feed material into inlet of any machine working as continuous operation.

SCREW Specification
Tridev screw conveyor / feeder are available in different size (diameter and length).
Motor (HP) is defined based on screw size, length, angle of axis and product.

1. Tridev Screw conveyors working in field are of 75 mm to 600 mm Diameter, and 300 mm to 30000 mm length.
2. Product output can be adjusted as per requirement.
3. Motor HP and output is totally depends on product to be conveyed and many other factor.
4. We design screw as per output requirement.

Optional Features
1. SS material,
2. Outer jacketed for cooling or heating,
3. Bush (bearing) for pharmaceutical
4. Mounting suitability as per customer layout.
5. Customization as per plant requirement.
6. Screw flight as per requirement (spiral, paddle, cut & folded, ribbon).

All given data are nominal only. Data may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

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