Know process of Tridev ROTARY VACUUM DRYER
Wet feed is charged as a batch and is subjected to indirect heating while undergoing agitation due to the action of paddle mixing. The operation is normally carried out in vacuum. Recovery of solvent is possible by condensing the vapors generated during the drying operation.

Tridev vacuum dryer is to handle Granular / pasty wet materials. Low temperature operation is possible. Solvent recovery can be carried out.

Below mention models are mostly offered. Ask us to know detail of other special size shifter working in field. 

Tridev Rotary vacuum dryer is available in different sizes. Size of dryer can also customized depending upon customer requirement.

Motor HP and Production is totally depends on property of material and require mesh size.
All the data given are nominal only. It may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

Available Features are
1. SS material,
2. Outer jacketed for heating,
3. Mounting suitability as per customer layout.
4. Customization as per plant requirement.
5. Rotor design Paddle, plow and ribbon type.

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