Rotary Air Lock Valve easy for adopt in any machine with round or square flange. It is having round or square flange mounting type housing, rotor and rotor shaft. Rotor is fitted inside housing and rotates in bush bearings. Stuffing box and gland packing are available at both end cover to prevent material leakage. Rotor is driven by geared motor and chain sprocket.

Working Principle of ROTARY AIR LOCK VALVE
Material is received from top in Rotary Air Lock Valve. Material received in volume between rotor vanes and discharge at bottom side. Material is discharged at bottom when rotor starts rotating. Material is discharge without air leakage. It can be mount directly on bottom flange of Blender, cyclone, silo, dust collector and any machine outlet spout. It is designed to place between equal of different pressure system.

Tridev Rotary Air Lock Valve for discharge material uniformly at required flow rate. It is to control flow of dry Powder, solids and Granules. It is also useful to feed material into pneumatic system with minimum air leakage.

Available Options

1. Different design.
2. SS material

Below mention models are mostly offered. Ask us to know detail of other special size mills working in field.  Other size mill can also customized depending upon customer requirement.

Tridev Rotary Air Lock Valves is available in range of Rotor dia 100mm to 450mm.
Discharge volume 0.5 M3/hr to 100 M3/hr can be achieved.

1. Production is totally depends on property of material and other parameter.
2. All given data are nominal only. Data may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

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