Know process of Tridev ROLLER CRUSHER
Tridev Roller Crusher crushes material by passing through two rollers and collected at bottom tray. Nipped material pieces pass between two rollers without slippage. Desire material size and output rate can be achieved by adjusting gap between two rollers. Size reduction ratio is 1-4 per pass. Production rate and energy consumption is affected by changing reduction ratio and differential roller speed. Roll design like smooth, grooved or water cool (for hot material) are offer to suit various requirement. The angle of nip varies for different operation. 

Design construction of Tridev ROLLER CRUSHER
Two roller of same diameter with shaft are fixed on heavy-duty bearing. Both are rotated towards each other at same or different speeds. Distance between two rollers is adjustable. Adjustment is done by adjustable roller. Set clearance is maintain by Powerful spring which holds adjustable roller. The tension spring exerts the necessary pressure to crush the nipped material pieces.

Tridev ROLLER CRUSHER is for
Tridev Roller Crusher is for crushing medium hard product. It is a positive coarse crushing machine for material like ferroalloys, aluminum oxide, calsine, boxide, and fire bricks.

Below mention models are Standard models. Ask us to know other detail.

Tridev Roller Crusher is available in different size. Roller dia and length can be decided based on production requirement.  The Roll diameter is determined by required production rate and size.

All given data are nominal only. Data may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

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