Working Principle of Tridev BUCKET ELEVATOR
Material is fed at bottom through hopper. Bucket is filling by material. Bucket lift material from bottom to upward and throw out from casing through discharge spout. Material is discharge in other machine or collects at desired height.

Design concept of Tridev BUCKET ELEVATOR
Bucket elevator consists series of buckets fixed on chain or belts. Bottom and over-head pulleys operate Chain or belt. Pulley is driven by drive. Length and vibration of belt is adjusted by take-up. Buckets, belt and both pulleys are enclosed in steel casing.

Tridev Bucket elevator is for atomization. It increase efficient, reduce manpower requirement and increase productivity, It is useful to elevate powder, granules, seeds and lumpy material from bottom to required height.

Continuous or positive discharge type elevator lifts material in close casing like foodstuffs, seeds, grains, ice, chemicals, cereals, minerals and coal.

Below mention models are mostly offered. Ask us to know detail of other special size Bucket elevator working in field

Tridev bucket elevators are available in different size and shape of buckets. It is available up to 30 meter height.
Housing and bucket size can be decided based on material lifting rate. It is available up to 30 meter height.

Motor HP and Production is totally depends on property of material and require mesh size.

All the data given are nominal only. It may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

Optional Features
Available selection are bucket type, drive, chain or belt, take-up, discharge, housing and construction of material and mounting etc.

1. Bucket type
2. Chain or belt drive
3. Take-up
4. Discharge
5. Housing
6. Construction of material and mounting

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