Powder feeding hopper mounted on the top of machine. Powder feeding tube is mounted co-axially inside the vertical hollow shaft. Hollow shaft is supported by heavy-duty bearing which is fitted in housing. Self-contained unit is consists one or two disc with whizzer blades rotate inside cone. Powder distributor disc is fitted bellow lower whizzer hub. Top chamber consists rotating deflector blades. Whizzer blades, Distributor plates, and Deflector blades are driven by motor and produce the internal air circuit. Bearing housing, outer & inner drum, damper, deflector vanes, Upper & lower whizzer cones and fine & tail cone are fixed on main body.

Centrifugal type closed circuit Air Classifier is to separate dry powder into coarse & fine powder. Powder can be separated are from 60-350 mashes. It removes coarser particles like free iron, their oxides, grit, silica, heavy impurities. Alternatively, it can remove fine/light foreign material as to de-dust a product. Deflector blades produce centrifugal force and air current to separate particles and impurities on weight basis.

Know Process of AIR CLASSIFIER
Material fed into inner tube from inlet hopper. Rotating distributor plate distributes powder radilly outward into upward sweep of circulating air stream generated by deflector blades. Every particle is got downward gravity force and upward air stream force. Gravitational force is higher on grits and impurities due higher weight. Upward air stream force is not enough against gravity force. Particles prevails gravity force than flows downward force and pass it through tail cone. Light weight (fine) particles move upward because air stream force is more than gravity force on it. Both raw of Whizzer blades are provide to adjust resistance to particles by add/remove blades. It helps to reduce or increase the escape of particles towards deflector blades. Whatever Particles pass through both whizzers will discharged into circular space between inner and outer drum due to centrifugal force and discharged through center fine cone. Air after releasing fine in outer cone returns through the deflectors vanes to the inner cone, setting up a continuous air circuit. Thus heavy particle discharge through tail cone and fine are through fine cone. Fine and coarse grade separation ratio is varying from 95-5 to 60-40. Pattern of classification can be change by regulation and controlling air stream. Air stream can be reduced by closing air dampers and increase by opening. Dual purpose is removing heavier impurities for better quality and removes grit of particle for better size distribution.

Classifier is for getting uniform size of powder at out-let. Any powder is fed in Classifier will separate it into coarse and fine powder. It is not grinding any material. Types of material are classified like Cement, Flour, Chemicals, Pigments, food colors, Minerals, Sand, Cement, etc.

1. Below mention models are mostly offered. Ask us to know other detail.  Other size machine can also customized depending upon customer requirement.

Tridev Air Classifier Specification
Motor (HP)
Input Kg/Hr
Dimensions (Meter)
TAC - 30
TAC - 48

2. Motor HP and Production is totally depends on property of material and require separation ratio.

3. All given data are nominal only. Data may vary widely from case to case depending upon many factors.

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